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About Cancer Patients' Association of Slovenia

We would like to introduce ourselves and invite you to join our Cancer Patients' Association of Slovenia.

Even though the number of cancer pacients in the developed world and also in our country is increasing (in Slovenia more than 14,000 people are diagnosed with cancer annually), it is encouraging that the modern methods for detection and treatment of the disease are allowing more end more people to live full life after the successful rehabilitation in their working and social environment. Around 88,000 people who have already met with a diagnosis of cancer live in Slovenia.

Perhaps you are just struggling with the disease and need some help. Or maybe you have successfully completed treatment already, overcome any problems and you feel you could offer help to the others? Do you have any expertise that could be used for humanitarian purposes?

We would like you to consider becoming a member of Cancer Patients Association of Slovenia so we can together follow the motto of our action: We live for each other!

Marija Vegelj Pirc, MD
President of the Cancer Patients' Association of Slovenia

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Cancer Patients' Association of Slovenia

Poljanska cesta 14
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: 01 430 32 63
Gsm: 041 835 460
Fax: 01 430 32 64

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